Appropriate post-cycle therapy after Parabolan

Steroids and PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) are two sides of the same process. Any athlete who responsibly goes to work on their body knows this. Without a properly organized recovery period, the results obtained from taking hormones will quickly be lost. Yes, and in the state of health it will not be reflected in the best way to neglect the rules for a safe exit from the anabolic cycle.

No therapy can completely prevent weight loss after a steroid cycle, but PCT allows you to complete it with minimal loss. Its goal is not to maintain muscle volume at the achieved level, but to maximize the prevention of natural destruction, restore hormonal balance and support the body.

What to do after a steroid course?

The main task of PCT is to restore the production of one’s own testosterone. It is ideal if your level can be raised after a steroid cycle. In addition, it is necessary to normalize the combination of two main hormones – testosterone and estradiol. Your ratio should be between 200-300 to 1. Over time, this balance will return to normal on its own, but the process can be speeded up.

Additional tasks after course therapy:

  • decrease in the cortisol parameter (to maximize the results obtained with steroids);
  • restoration of the processes of spermatogenesis (sometimes fertility is preserved even after an intense course, but this is rare), maintenance of libido;
  • normalization of work in all systems of the body, especially cleansing of the liver, lowering cholesterol levels, stabilization of blood pressure, etc.

It is necessary to perform activities aimed at maintaining muscle mass and complete correction of the hormonal background. So the exit from the course will be safe and will happen with minimal losses.

The training process itself is also important after the abolition of the steroid course. During the first 2 weeks of PCT, it is worthwhile to completely cancel physical activity with 100%, after which it is allowed to train with a load of up to 50-70%, and it is also forbidden to work in case of failure. Why stop exercising, you ask? And then during the PCT period, the catabolism is very high and the body is deprived of testosterone. If you do it as before, the course of treatment stops, as does muscle destruction. As a result, it will be the same as before the course or worse, and recovery may fail as the body will spend energy on metabolism rather than treatment. Excessive fatigue leads to consequences.

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Parabolan and PCT

Post-cycle treatment after a Parabolan cycle should be started 2 weeks after the last steroid injection, during which time the active substance is almost completely eliminated from the athlete’s body. And we started taking Clomid according to the “loading” schedule in the first week of use, then another 2 weeks with a working dose of 100mg per day. Cabergoline is also needed for 3 weeks in the amount of 0.5 mg every 4 days. Using such a program you will restore the hormonal background of the whole body as quickly as possible, avoid adverse reactions, and also save the results in the form of dry muscles.

How to take Clomid in PCT?

It is worth remembering that the intake of Clomid, as well as the timing and dosage, depend on the course of the steroids that have been taken. It is not necessary to take Clomid while on AAS. Clomiphene after the course helps to restore the level of endogenous hormones as quickly as possible, as well as maintain the obtained mass.

So as for the start time it all depends on the course steroid, I tend to consider the half life. For example, if you had testosterone enanthate, PCT starts 14 days after your last injection. Dosages always depend on the severity of the course, the approximate cure will look like this:

  • Very difficult course – 3 * 150/12 * 100/15 * 50/15 * 25;
  • Heavy hit – 15 * 100/15 * 50/15 * 25;
  • Average rate – 30 * 50/15 * 25;
  • Light running -15 * 50/15 * 25/15 * 25 (every 2 days);
  • Very light running – 15 * 50/15 * 25.

The first number indicates the number of days of hospitalization and the second dose of Clomid in mg. If you have any doubts about the course you have, you can always write to our consultant and he will tell you the program to follow Clomid in PCT.

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